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Swimming pool gratings:
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Material:  High-density polyethlene (Eltex URA) with high resistance to light.                     The PP range of parallel gratings in addition has stainless steel cross-tubes which span the channel.  This makes for a strong grating able to span gaps of up to 1.200 metres.

Colour:    White (ivory)
               We can match virtually any RAL colour subject to a 10% surcharge for quantities of 150 metres or more. (We are happy to quote for smaller quantities as we might still be more economical than others.)  We have also matched tile colours very successfully.

Sizes:      Sizes are given for each design of grating.
               In most cases, both the width and thickness can be reduced to fit a particular channel size, and the minimum dimensions are also shown.

Thickness reduction is done by rebating the bottom ends of the grating slats, so it may not be possible to achieve both the minimum width and thickness together -- this depends on the postion of the jointing element (see below). (Please give us a call if this is what you need -- 020-8995 0225.)




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