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PLAY-TURF is a double-sided, coloured PVC indoor sports surface. It is suitable for many activities such as

          • tennis
          • badminton
          • indoor football
          • gymnastics
          • multi-sport use.

PLAY-TURF can be installed very quickly.  It is not stuck down with adhesives.  So it can be laid with speed on any suitable base as long as this is hard, flat, smooth and clean.

PLAY-TURF has a long life.  It has a playing surface on both sides, so it has virtually double the life of traditional surfacing products. A life span of up to 25 years is possible.

When the time comes, the material is turned over, re-lined and a completely fresh playing surface is available.

PLAY-TURF is embossed with a pattern which depends on which sport is to be played on it.   

    For tennis, for example, the pattern is more pronounced.

    For badminton, the surface is smoother.

    If a mixture of sports is to be played, we can advise on the most suitable.

A choice of 10 standard colours is available.  We may be able to produce your special colour, too. Please ask. For more information, please call 020-8995 0225.


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